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At DM Truck Curtains, we are committed to providing high-quality truck curtains, parts and accessories to our customers across Australia. Our products are manufactured with the highest standards and are designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

WE COME TO YOU FOR MEASUREUPS AND INSTALLATIONS, so you have as little as possible downtime when updating your Truck Curtains.

Whether you're a truck owner, operator, repairer, or on-seller, we have a wide range of quality products to suit your needs. Browse our selection of truck curtain options, and our wide range of parts and accessories today.  Experience the DM Truck Curtains difference.

Our Services

Measure Sheet Specifications Pg1&2

If you want to measure your own truck, please use these forms.  We are happy to go through them with you.  We can also come to you to measure your truck once quoted price is confirmed.  Thank you.

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Additional Services

Refurbishments (kits), repairs, replacements, insurance jobs, auction buys... we handle it all.  Should you be looking for someone you can call, we may be able to help you, or know someone who can!  Just give us a call and go from there!

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