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Truck Curtains

We supply quality manufactured curtains with all new hardware, including bearing rollers, lower straps, buckles etc.
Made from 900 GSM PVC Material, we have an array of colours to chose from.
Our Grid system provides extra strength where you need it, and we can add wear strips for rubbing gates or more.

Weather Curtains

We can make weather curtains to suit many applications, from factory doors to internal curtains, depending on what you need.


Custom Jobs

Weld screens
Horse Floats
Custom sized covers for all sorts of things
If it is to be made out of PVC, then we probably make it.

New Truck Curtains

Top quality PVC in all colours made to your size.  

Painted Curtains

Painted curtains - gives a protective coating for longer lifespan while advertising your company.

Imaged Curtains

Digital imaging with protective clear coating.  Great way to advertise your company and products.